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7 Designer Jewelry Collections You Need To Know About

Fashion and jewelry are always changing and reinventing the art that is accessories. Each year, brilliant new jewelry collections come to the forefront. For those who want to keep up with the latest designers, here are seven artists and collections to keep in mind.


A newer Italian designer, Goti was schooled at the Istituto Statale Di Arte, where he perfected his skill with leather and metal jewelry design, now known as Goti Jewelry. His collection features necklaces and bracelets that include leather, metal chains, cutouts and a variety of brilliantly placed gems. Some of his most popular items are his leather and labradorite bracelets and his short fringe necklaces. Each part of the collection is individual and one of a kind; no piece is duplicated.

Sara Weinstock

Sara Weinstock is a California native who spends much time in the outdoors in the mountainous areas of California and Nevada. Her designs feature natural forms of nature. The collection features a variety of pendants and earrings with dragonflies, trees and flowers. Her pendants feature earrings to match. Sara also designs bracelets that are made out of natural beads including wood, gems and porcelain. Some pendants feature religious symbols such as Budda or a cross.

Beth Orduna

Beth Orduna focuses on the world around her and uses natural stones, metals and gems in all her jewelry. Her collection features bracelets prominently, each made out of a different stone chips or beads. Each bracelet is colorful and exhibits earth tones.

Chan Luu

Chan Luu was born in Vietnam, but moved to the United States at a young age. She studied at Boston University and at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. In 1996, she started her own accessory company which features a variety of wrapped bracelets. Each bracelet features leather casings decorated with gems such as agates, pearls or turquoise. No two bracelets are alike in this collection.


Gurhan has brought back jewelry composed of 24-karat gold. Fallen into disuse because of its softness, Gurhan makes all of his gold based jewelry by hand. This results in some imperfections in the gold, but this makes every piece unique. Gurhan has expanded his collection to include pure silver and platinum pieces. The collection features earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, each featuring stones set in a metal base. This collection features the sheen that only pure precious metals can provide.

Pade Verde

Pade Verde presents a collection in her signature style which always includes 50,000 year old shark teeth. Each piece of this very delicate jewelry collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings features 22-karat precious metals, raw Herkimer diamonds and other precious stones. This collection is set in gold or silver with the stones forming the focal points of each piece of jewelry.

Rosa Maria

Rosa Maria has found her own style of jewelry using a gold and silver mixture in her jewelry. Each piece features gems and semi-precious stones cut in a rose shape. Her jewelry emphasizes geometric shapes and each piece is often formed around one type of shape or swirl. The collection features primarily rings along with a few earrings and small pendants with metal chains. Her signature rose cut stones are found in every piece of the collection.

Today’s artists are using both modern techniques with a homage to the past. The future of designer jewelry is in great hands.

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