Beauty 101: How to Rock Red Lips this Fall

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Beauty 101: How to Rock Red Lips this Fall

Done right, red lips can turn a simple t-shirt and jeans into a chic ensemble, or put the finishing touch on a high voltage evening look.  Though many find bold red lips to be a little intimidating, rest assured anyone can pull off this classic style with just a few easy steps.  Read on and take the rougey plunge this season.

Find YOUR red
True reds often only work on fair skin.  For olive and dark skin tones, look for a red with just a hint of russet or even purple undertones.

Keep your overall look clean and subtle
When you wear red lipstick, your mouth is automatically your facial focal point.  Don’t give it unnecessary competition by going for over the top eyes and a prominent blush.  Keep the rest of your look simple and understated and let your lips do the talking (literally and figuratively).

Go nude
Red liners and red lipsticks are not the best buds you’d imagine.  The hues rarely match perfectly and it’s noticeable.  For the best results use a liner that matches your skin tone.

Use a soft touch
Don’t simply swipe on an eye-popping red and race out the door.  This bright hue needs a little more time and attention, and looks best when applied carefully with a lip brush.

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