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‘Carry-On’ in Style

I’m currently sitting at the airport at LAX waiting to board my flight home for thanksgiving, and it’s absolute chaos, go figure. With everyone frantically hustling and bustling about, rolling heavy luggage and carrying thick coats, I am thankful for none other than my lightweight carry-ons. Why? So I can hop on the plane and quickly hop off and head home – no long lines and no lost luggage – carry-ons are stress free, and quite literally, free (no absurd $20+ charge thanks to rising oil prices). So with the holiday season finally upon us, I know we will all find time in our busy schedules to take a couple days off and reunite with friends and family, and if there’s one thing that will make our travel all the more pleasant and hassle free, it’s having the perfect carry all and carry on. With short trips on the agenda, my advice is to pack light – one or two outfits for dinner parties, one or two day clothes, two or three sets of shoes, toiletries and chargers, and if you’re ambitious, two days worth of workout gear and you’re good to go. If you can fit it all into two big bags, we’ve got you covered in the style department. Not only are carry-ons the smart way to travel, they’re also the stylish way to travel. Unlike large bulky standard suitcases, a carry-on could be the leather tote bag you’ve been eyeing or that large nylon bag with funky prints you bought just for fun, it all depends on your travel needs. So whether it’s a leather backpack or a quilted duffel, here are a few suggestions for a smoother, happier and trendier holiday travel. Even if you get weighed down with pounds of turkey, candied yams and pumpkin pie, we’ll take the pounds off your luggage, so you needn’t worry; feel free to binge to your hearts content and put on some pounds.


perfect size for a weekender ACCESSORIZE $78

with the metal work this isn’t your average backpack. COOPERATIVE URBAN OUTFITTERS $69

known for its quilted accessories, you can never go wrong with a VERA BRADLEY. it’s perfect for stuffing and using as a pillow for a quick nap. $85

taxi waiting outside and packing not yet done? no problem, just throw it all in this oversized nylon bag and you’ll be ready to run out the door BAGGU URBAN OUTFITTERS $12

with its travel themed print it’s calling for an adventure. heading to africa soon? MOULINETTE SOEURS ANTHROPOLOGIE $178

you won’t get lost in the crowds with this bright leather tote GAP $87.50

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