Chic for Cheap: Brocade

Chic For Cheap: Brocade by bmlyden featuring chain jewelry
Brocade is one of the many trends of this season that I personally happen to love. The print is extravagant, a little over the top and oozes sophistication. What’s not to love? Some people may stray away from this trend due to the fact that it may be overwhelming, but with the right accessories, you will look like you are on the A-list.
Tip #1: Keep everything else in the outfit simple & sleek, including hair and makeup. A sleek up do and a light hand with makeup will serve you well with this look.
Tip #2: Do not incorporate any more patterns, textures or frills. When choosing shoes, a bag and a belt stick with ones that engulf a sense of minimalism. If you want detail, look for architectural ones, such as the cut out detail in these heels. Or the combination of patent vs matte in the clutch and belt.
Tip #3: stay away from the sparkle! It will come off as cheap looking and way too much. Opt for a all metal option earring such as the one above that has a bold, graphic shape.
And just like that, you have a outfit that will put you on the mental “best-dressed list” for everyone at any holiday party.
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