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Chic or Eek: Cressida Bonas’ Scrunchie Addiction


It would appear that with this latest manifestation of 90s fashion, the floodgates have been opened. That’s right ladies, go ahead and dig out those shoulder pads, the Keith Haring printed crop top, and all of your Sugar Ray memorabilia, nothing is off limits now.

Prince Harry’s new lady, Cressida Bonas, has no qualms about sporting the long-dejected scrunchie. Invented in 1963, and officially patented in 1994 by women’s fashion hater, Rommy Revson, the scrunchie eventually wormed its way around every step aerobics enthusiast and child celebrities pony tail until the 1990s was awash with clunky, circular, stretchable bands in every conceivable texture and color.

Sigh, this is not even a one time event for Ms. Bonas. She has been photographed multiple times in the infamous scrunchie. All signs point to the recycling of this unfortunate trend. Perhaps we shouldn’t be so negative though. We eventually came around to overalls, despite our initial disgust, and Criss-Cross induced sartorial nightmares.

What do you think, is the rise of the scrunchie Chic or Eek?

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