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Chic or Eek: Halloween 2013 Edition

             With Halloween less than ten days away, we thought we’d throw you a Spooky Scary edition of Chic or Eek this week. We’re sure you have already planned out this year’s costume, right down to the themed manicure, but in case you’re lacking a little in inspiration we have a tip for you. Try closing your eyes, spinning in a circle three times, and stumbling towards whatever inanimate object is nearest. That’s right ladies, it’s all about turning those common household items into sexy common household items, this year. Just check out the above photo, has there ever been a point in time where Sexy Pizza was a legitimate costume? 2013 has hit its peak.

            In a truly innovation-less move by the costume industry, they are taking the first thing that pops into their heads, slapping sexy on the front and selling it to, who? Unwitting sorority girls would be my guess. So what do you think ghoul-pals, would you consider outfitting your body in a sexy shower costume this year? I’m not sure if we here at Fantaschic would head that route, especially when “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” is always on the back burner.

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