Designer Focus – Alexander Wang SP13 RTW

Have you seen Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 Ready to Wear collection? It’s perfectly on trend with its series of cutout jackets, tops and barely-there dresses. When describing his spring collection, Wang says  “I wanted to pull garments apart, experiment with volumes.” It’s all about deconstruction this season, and though it seems counter intuitive to pay more for less fabric, Alexander Wang lets us know that less is more. And with less and less fabric clothing the models, this show becomes provocative in more ways than one.

The show begins modest, with small stitch sized slices lining jacket pockets and arms. Then it progresses to larger sharp right angle cuts along skirt hems and jacket sleeves. Now done with angular geometries, Wang introduces us to wavy zebra patterned cutouts running throughout the body, and he closes with seemingly floating dresses held together with invisible fishline threads. And in Alexander Wang style he comes out in his all black uniform – black tee and black slacks…sans slices or splices.

His deconstructivist creations aren’t yet retailed, but you can stay ahead of the trend and go easy on the wallet by experimenting with your own power of destruction. Grab a pair of scissors and something cheap and chic from Goodwill or a tight dress from Forever 21 and cut away; hold the splices together with some thread and you have yourself an Alexander Wang lookalike.


starting the show with subtle splices along the pockets and neckline ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

zebra prints and cuts. he plays with the gray tones rather than black and white ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

zebra waves gone crazy. the balance between solid and void is perfectly achieved in this dress ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

wang mixes up materials, and gives us some thick chunky fabrics. the cutouts are sure to keep us cool ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

those thigh high slits are the definition of provocative ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

looks like it’s about to fly away, but those sneaky invisible fishlines are holding it all together ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW



playing with negative space – black on white and white on black ALEXANDER WANG LOOKBOOK SP13 RTW

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