DIOR makes temporary tattoos?

Just launched earlier this week, Dior has released a limited-edition nine piece set of 24 kt gold temporary tattoos. Designed by Dior’s costume jewelry designer Camille Miceli, the tattoos include gold link cuffs, chockers and small charms. With gold prices spiking these days, you can set some gold for $120, it just won’t permanently be yours. I’m not sure how I feel about these tattoos, but I must admit that the gold link chain cuff is quite attractive, but those charms are just…not so chic.

Apparently Dior is not the first fashion house to venture into the industry of tattoos. Three years ago, Chanel launched a limited-edition collection of 55 temporary tattoos, hand drawn by Chanel’s Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, Peter Philips. The set includes everything classically Chanel, like the CC logo, chain links, birds and cherry blossoms. Do you think this is a trend worth catching up on?


throwback to Chanel’s tattoo collection. definitely lacking in the luster department, where’s the diamond dust or shiny crystals? CHANEL $75

fairly convincing. check out her gold ring too

24 kt gold…tempted? Les Ors de Peau – DIOR $120

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