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Disputing the ‘Worst Dressed’ list: Connie Britton 2013 Emmy Awards

Connie Britton showed up to the 2013 Emmy’s Last Sunday wearing a dress by Naeem Khan that some found…distasteful. While the high judges of fashion may not have enjoyed her get up, we here at Fantaschic found it delightful.

Yes, it bears semblance to a traditional floor covering of the Persian variety.

Sure, Connie’s natural color evokes a bit of a ‘Little Mermaid’ feel when paired with such a strong turquoise.

I’ll even give you the whole, ‘it’s too early in the season for velvet’ nonsense.

But, seriously, girl looks good. The dress flatters her shape, is a gorgeous tone, and her accessories are on point. Honestly, if wearing a rug, or even some sort of heavy victorian drapery become a trend this season, at least we have Connie to show us how to do it right.

We vote for a recount. What do you think? Did Connie Britton (or rather, her stylist) miss the mark  on this gown, or did she enchant you with her ingenue and elegant risk-takery?

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