Dress Like a Celebrity: Lela Rose Model Spring/Summer 2013

This past season at New York Fashion Week, Ted Gibson styled the models of the Lela Rose runway. In an exclusive interview with myself, Ted commented on the model’s hair for the Lela Rose show. After demonstrating his technique, he pulled hair back in a ponytail and twisted it and stated, “It’s the new version of a ballerina bun but what’s cool is that we leave the ends out.” Inspired by Lela and artist Jim Hodges’s natural inclination of light and colorful, Ted wanted the hair to be soft and natural looking. Notably, a polished look was not the look that Gibson wanted to achieve. Therefore, the hair aficionado prepped the hair with Build It Blow Dry Spray, and then twisted random sections of hair while blow-drying to create texture. Following, he parted hair in the center, then ran tame it shine lotion throughout. Lastly, he pulled hair back into a pony, and then twisted the hair until it coiled into a C-shaped bun. At last, top of the bun was secured with pins and with gently pulled out pieces for a more unpolished look. The final look was nothing short of striking and each model strutted the runway looking like natural beauties one after another.

Thus, messy chic will be an up and coming hairstyle trend for Spring/Summer 2013 to look forward to as exemplified on the Lela Rose runway. A unique take on hair trends, this trend will be one of the easiest and most omnipresent trend to see in the next few months.

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