Give your fingers and toes a style makeover at

Give your fingers and toes a style makeover at

This post began as a review of fall’s best new nail colors, but quickly morphed into an love fest.  Though there are dozens of fabulous brands out there, OPI is consistently rated as one of the best beauty buys on a budget.  Even big name celebs love it.

On the extremely user-friendly (and easy on the eyes) visitors can drool over each and every one of OPI’s whopping 244 different shades.  From the sparkly pop-art collection by singer and style diva Nicki Minaj to the soft muted palette inspired by the New York City ballet, anyone can find their signature shade.

Plus, offers an online nail studio where users can cyber-test drive any color, treatment or applique on their specific skin tone.  The feature even lets visitors play with nail length and shatter effects.  Check out a few of OPI’s top shades for fall.

Yoga-ta Get this Blue

The Thrill of Brazil

OPI Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI My Private Jet

OPI Berlin There, Done That

OPI Reptile Applique

OPI Pink and Black Lace Applique

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