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Guide 2 Chic: 5 Summer Essentials for Women 2013


This is your Guide 2 Chic, and I am going to provide you with exclusive fashion tips which will guarantee that you look ready for the runway every time you walk out your front door! There are only a few more days in summer but these essential summer items will guarantee that you look glamorous while remaining comfortable at the beach or pool. So let’s begin…


Essential Summer Item #1: Hat

Besides looking cute, the hat also serves the purpose of blocking the sun from your face. I would suggest that you chose a solid color fedora or a solid color floppy brimmed hat. That way they will be able to match a variety of bathing suits and cover ups.  If you would like add a touch of your personal style, try tying a colorful or patterned scarf at the base of either hat. Below you can find examples, the fedora can be found at Payless.

summer hat fedora

Essential Summer Item #2: Shades

Shades, like the hat help you enjoy the view while the sun is shining. When selecting a pair of shades, first make sure that you have the proper fit.  If they easily slide down the bridge of your nose or if the width of the lens (not to be confused with the frame of the shades) surpasses your face more than an inch, they are probably too big. In regard to the style of shades, if you want a more traditional look I would suggest that you chose a pair of aviator or a pair of oversized shades. Oversized shades typically have thicker frames and the lenses are longer in length with a more dramatic shape (as shown below). If you are looking for a more trendy style, select something unique such as cat-eye or Ray ban shades. The below shades can be found at Aldo accessories.

summer essential aldo shadessummer essentials Aviators J.Crew Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses


Summer Essential #3: Bag

Clearly, the purpose of the bag is so that you can comfortably carry all of your needed items, such as books, magazine, I-pod, sun block or sun screen, you beach towel etc.  Therefore, if you are like me you need all of the above and some additional items, which mean a small purse will not do and a typical book bag is not cute enough.  So I would suggest that you purchase a large tote made of a material that will not get damaged by water or sand.

summer-essential-lacoste-summer-holiday-beach-bagLacoste Summer Holiday Beach Bag

Summer Essential #4: Sandals

Having the perfect sandal when walking in the sand or on the side of the pool is essential; the most common footwear seen near water are flip flops.  I would suggest in order to add a splash of glamor while maintaining comfort, that you select a jeweled flat sandal similar to the one below. The sandals below are Giuseppe Zanottie.


Summer Essential #5: Cover-Up

 Some ladies are not comfortable walking around pools or beaches in their bathing suits only, or perhaps one has an errand to run prior to entering the water. In that case a cover up is a necessity.  Selecting something that is flattering and comfortable is key. If you do not want a cover up which will cling to your curves if put on while wet, then I would suggest that you purchase a cover up which is made of a thicker material which will not conform to your body when worn.



H&M Exotic Cover-Up Polyester Caftan – Real Simple

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