Marshalls—Let It Be Known

Being a young professional on a budget can make it hard to keep up with the latest trends. One of my top “go-to” places is Marshalls. From color-block striped sweaters to shear and/or fitted boyfriend T’s—it really can be a place of financial salvation.

As I was looking to put together a monochromatic outfit, I realized Marshalls truly made that easy. As I did more research, I realized—this is one of their website highlights!

“The new tunics put a dramatic twist on everything from skinny jewel-tone jeans to simple leggings. Another emerging trend is the monochromatic look, with every piece in the same color or tone. It’s all about finding the perfect blend.”— (THANK YOU, MARSHALLS)

What other trends are featured at Marshalls?

Let’s bring in some fall/winter colors: burnt orange, red, gray and as always the “ever-reliable navy

I am a huge fan of doing it myself before advising other shoppers to do-so, and I support Marshalls 100 percent in the regards to the quality of clothing and endless options to work with.  If you have the patience to look through the myriad of options—and do some research before you go, the chances for success are outstanding.

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