PPW: Stunning Studs

PPW: Stunning Studs by bmlyden featuring white gold stud earrings
No matter what your style, one of the most basic and yet commonly worn pieces of jewelry for every girl is the classic stud earring. My advice? Get one in each metal: one gold, one silver. That way you will always be covered (and coordinated). My personal collections of studs include: a set of pearls (with silver), vintage gold & onyx disk earrings from the late 60’s (one of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe), and a set of simple diamond studs (permanently worn in my second piercing, since I have two on each ear.
But since studs are worn on almost a continual daily basis? Shouldn’t they stand out and say who you are and reflect your style aesthetic? I believe they should.
Due to the continual wear, feel free to splurge a little and reap the benefits of a low price per wear.
#1: Say something with these branded Tory Burch studs with a jewel-tone accent that is bound to compliment any color you are wearing. Plus, they are Tory Burch, really can’t go wrong there.
#2: If your style is edgy. These were made for you. A twist on  a classic infused with trendy style
#3: Designer studs are a totally justifiable purchase. Kara Ross does an amazing job turning something a forever piece into a style-statement. Pair with an up do for a awe-stricken fashion moment.
#4: It is so true, diamonds are a girls best friend. These will be a lifelong piece, one of the few pieces that have that kind of longevity. Hello Christmas present??
#5: Budget Friendly, A-list style, designed by a A-lister herself, the one & only Kim K.
#6: This rich chocolate diamond look-alike looks so luxurious… no one will know it’s not legit.
Which one would you rock?
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