PPW: The Classic Black Stiletto

PPW: The Classic Black Stiletto
PPW: The Classic Black Stiletto by bmlyden featuring pointed toe shoes

Whether you have $10 to spend or $1,000, the classic black stiletto is an item that is the trademark of a modern woman ready to take on the world. Not only is it equal parts sexy and professional, it is the only item of clothing you will have that will physically affect your posture and the way your body looks. Consider it the “insta-diet.” It is also one of those super versatile pieces that can be worn over and over again in a variety of different looks. Also, if you invest in a good quality pair, it could last you for years and years to come. Plus, other sizes might change, but the shoe? It will almost always fit. If you can go for a luxe pair, Monolo Blannik and Christian Louboutin are two choices that are stunning, and will never let a girl down. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly version, Steve Madden’s will be your best friend.
Since this will naturally be a go-to shoe, you might consider spending an extra $15 bucks getting foot cushions put in to make them more comfortable, or my favorite choice, “Heavenly Heelz” put in by Oh, and did I fail to mention that they only cost $6.95 and can completely change your heel-wearing experience. My advice… do it with all your favorite pairs of shoes.
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