Runway to Real Life: Alice & Olivia

RTRL: Alice & Olivia by bmlyden featuring tortoise cat eye sunglasses

Dorothy perkin


I don’t know about you guys… but I absolutely adore Alice & Olivia. I thoroughly enjoy their sophisticated styles with an eclectic edge. Not to mention I am alway down for supporting the new wave of fashion designers. But what I’m not down for? The multi hundred-dollar price tag. Let’s be honest here… we are in a recession and I, personally am a college. That is two strikes against me for being able to afford those runway worthy looks directly from the designers themselves. So this is where my thrifty-ness and eye for style can help all of you. The same styles, the same overall look. The only difference is you will actually have money for rent after. Amazing looks and a roof over my head?! Too good to be true. Not with the help of Fantaschic.
Pretty on ladies.
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