Seven Tips To Stay Fashionable While Preggers

Pregnancy is the time in your life when you’re truly at your most beautiful. Skin has a radiant glow, hair and nails grow stronger, and a sense of peace shows in your beautiful face. These tips for a fashionable maternity wardrobe will help you find styles that highlight how gorgeous you are without hiding your changing body.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are the single most essential item for all expecting fashionistas. Maternity leggings will be your body’s best friend right up until the last days of your pregnancy, and will be the most versatile item in your closet. Maternity leggings are always incredibly flattering to the legs, and the fold-over waistbands provide support to your belly while maintaining a sleek silhouette when layered under other clothing.

Fashionable Flats

If your shoe collection is full of sky-high heels, be prepared to sideline them for a while. Instead, have fun with cute, embellished flats in every color, print and style. From sandals to loafers, your feet may be so comfortable that you never go back to those towering pre-pregnancy platforms. This season, leather flats with cutout patterns and metallic finishes are everywhere, and they’ll be an easy day-to-night pregnancy accessory for maternity jeans or leggings.

Embrace Your New Assets

You’ve probably noticed that it’s not just your belly that’s getting bigger and rounder during your pregnancy. If you had a smaller bust before you got pregnant, you may be ecstatic about your new, curvier appearance, so take this chance to embrace it. Choose tops with form-fitting necklines to show off your new assets, because they might not last forever.

Maternity Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can be a little scary even when you’re not pregnant, but many designers now make skinny jeans specifically crafted for mothers-to-be. These jeans feature adjusted or elasticized waistbands that you can wear even in your third trimester, and come in every possible wash you can think of. For edgy ladies, there are even plenty of deconstructed or destroyed maternity jeans in a skinny fit.

Form-Fitting Tops

It’s tempting to wear oversized blouses and tops during your pregnancy simply for the sake of comfort, but these styles can give an unflattering, tent-like appearance. Instead of hiding your bump, embrace it with form-fitting jersey tops and tanks. Jersey material is soft and stretchy, and will accentuate your belly without squeezing uncomfortably.

Blazers and Cropped Jackets

Maternity dressing is all about layering, and multiple top layers can be extremely flattering on a growing bump. If you’re not quite ready to rock the form-fitting tops on their own, layering a cute blazer or a cropped jacket on top might give you that extra feeling of security you need. You can even buy blazers in your normal size and simply leave them casual and unbuttoned, and you’ll still be able to wear them once you’ve delivered.

Clothing Extenders

You can still feel gorgeous and comfortable in your favorite pants and skirts with the addition of a good waistband extender. Waistband extenders fit inside your pants and skirts and provide an extra couple of inches of material with a button. The same concept is used in bra extenders, which add an extra inch or two to the hook closure of your comfiest bras. These can be crucial, money-saving options for women who want to stay in their pre-pregnancy clothing for as long as possible.

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