The Cigarette Jean

Have you heard of these? So many people haven’t. They are the latest trend in upcoming jean style—and completely under the radar. Don’t get these confused with skinny jeans (form-fitting, stretchy and ankle-hugging) because they have potential to be much more flattering for those of us who may not always be 100 percent comfortable in tight clothing. The largest differentiator between these jeans, is that they hug the leg in a different spot, emphasizing the curves we love and smoothing over the ones we don’t. The leg opening on skinny jeans gets smaller as you near the ankle. The leg opening on cigarette jeans stays the same from the knee all the way down to the ankle—giving you a longer leg and slimmer look.




Cigarette Jean

Urban Outfitters


Skinny Jean

Forever 21







Haven’t tried a pair of these on? My guess is you will love them.

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