Fashion Designers

Three Fashion Designers to Watch

Three Fashion Designers to Watch

Morgan Carper
This Kansas-trained designer travels the world finding inspiration for her earthy, yet edgy line.  Carper’s collections are consistently bursting with unique patterns and textures, and her colors and textiles have a depth not often seen in standard ready to wear pieces.  The Morgan Carper woman is bold, sassy, well-traveled, inquisitive and above all effortlessly chic.  Though Carper’s pieces do run a bit pricey, consider them an investment.  This amazing designer is far too talented to fly under the radar much longer.

Collette Ishiyama
In the sea of emerging jewelry designers it’s often hard to stand out, but pieces by Collette Ishiyama instantly grab the eye.  Amazingly, Ishiyama hand-constructs EVERY piece of jewelry she sells, and gleans inspiration from ancient Egypt, samurai warriors and Art Deco architecture.  With such a funky mix expect some truly memorable pieces, sure to inspire envy in a few of your girlfriends.  Though you may have to hoard your pennies to save up for Ishiyama’s pricey hand-crafted baubles, their timeless elegance means you’ll have years of enjoyment. She even offers an equally tasty men’s line.

Kimberly Goldson

Brooklyn-based designer Kimberly Goldson may not have taken home the big prize on Project Runway season 9, but fans will remember her for making “a mean pant.”  Nina Garcia approved of Kimberly’s sleek, tailored designs (with an appropriately funky twist), now it’s just a matter of time until this talented, self-taught designer becomes a household name.  Pick up a pair of her expertly crafted trousers or fabulously fluttery blouses on and wear them proudly.


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