Timeless vs. Trendy—Or Both?


As a young professional, buying your favorite clothes sometimes (unfortunately) needs to be financially planned. That brings us to the debate of staying safe and timeless within our budget…or risking the, “should we (could we)” dare to be trendy—justifying it with the promise to pack lunch all week? Is there a way to do both? Below are five staples that are timeless and with a few extra dollars, can be easily accessorized into “trendy,” year after year. This not only allows you to mix and match—creating multiple outfits with only a few fabulous items of clothing, but saves you time and money as fashion trends come and go.

1. Red lipstick. From Marilyn to Beyoncé, we have seen it generation after generation. Rihanna sings, “Red Lipstick” and we’ve heard it from Taylor Swift and Trey Songz as well. It is the symbol of confidence, power and that little bit of attitude we need to get us through the day. It matches everything and adds some spunk to almost any outfit. One little bit of advice—go light on the eye shadow and skip the eyeliner to avoid looking like a clown. Maybe Cameron Diaz should have read this before the 2007 Golden Globes?

2. That little black dress. It can be casual, it can be fun and best of all—it is the most slimming dress a girl can have. Not only can you wear this piece to climb the corporate ladder but with a little red lipstick and pumps, you’re ready to, “paint the town red,” as they used to say.

3. Denim. No frills, just the basic denim. Every woman should have that classic pair of jeans that can be worn with a white t-shirt or your timeless black blazer. With all this versatility at hand, it is easy to find a great fitting pair of jeans at many affordable stores such as Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, Target, etc., and the best part is—no one will ever know what you paid. The key is in the individual fit. Find a pair of jeans that aren’t too baggy, too tight and hug all the “right” places. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brand names and styles, then again, denim became trendy and timeless in the 1950’s when James Dean dared to wear them in Rebel Without a Cause.

4. Dress up those neutrals. They can be worn in any season and with some basic layering, almost every outfit can be accommodated. They are a great styling link (especially between brown and black) and can keep bright outfits from becoming too loud. My advice, have a pair of neutral heels at all times—they work perfect with everything spring/summer and don’t forget that tan scarf to help blend your darker browns and blacks throughout winter and fall.

5. A nicely fitted blazer. Last but not least, this item fits perfectly with all our above staples. The key to wearing a blazer is finding the perfect fit. Based on your specific body type, research some of the available options. If you have a tall/slender figure—go for a boyfriend cut, if you are rocking those curves— a cropped blazer may have a fabulous balancing effect.

Our conclusion. Dare to be both.

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  1. Reply Pamela May 22, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    As a fellow writer for this website I have to agree with everything I just read. These items are just items that are always in our closets. They work with any trending piece and they are always classy in their own way. Awesome piece!

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