Trend Alert – Ombre Leggings

A couple days ago as I was fashion blog browsing, I stumbled upon multiple posts raving about ombre leggings- the new ‘it’ thing. And now everywhere I look, I see ombre! Ombre tees, ombre hair, ombre shoes and now ombre leggings. So what’s the verdict- are ombre leggings a trend worth following or a trend that guarantees you a spot on the worst dressed list?

Well, to put things in perspective, this summer was all about ombre hair. From black to blond, to blond to blue, it was all the rage and every fashion savvy girl out there attempted it to a certain extent or another (at least I know I did, and my hair is black, so it was quite experimental with a high chance of failure, but with some bleach, gloves and a whole lot of guts, I got myself some golden ombre tips). Though doing ombre hair in a salon is a much safer choice, there’s just something more satisfying about doing it yourself; perhaps the feeling of accomplishment and the assurance that you have full control over your fate – and for some, that is why they head straight to the salons.

But are leggings the next ‘it’ thing? The next trend all girls should immediately go crazy over? Just like ombre hair, it’s a versatile trend that can be either subtle like the Rag and Bone denim leggings featured below, or artsy and attention seeking like the Bartinki bright pink and blue leggings. I’d say that ombre hair was a success, whether you went funky like Lauren Conrad and her rainbow tips, or subtle like myself, but can we bring it on down to the legs and rock it this holiday season? Or is it just a fad that will quickly pass, and only worth eyeballing via tumblr and pinterest.


get wild with these one of a kind handmade high waisted creations BARTINKI.ETSY.COM $45

black and white supersoft “skinnies” RAG AND BONE $220

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Candy Striped Ombre? ASOS $19

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