What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

We all know that Thanksgiving is the day of food. From roasted turkeys to homemade sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies, this is the feast we’ve been waiting for all year. Sadly it’s also the time of year that we gather with friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time, and we all want to look our best and dress the best. But with our tummies bloated and face smeared with gravy, it’ll be hard to still look good in that skin-tight bandage dress or crop top or skinny high waisted jeans. But do not fret, there are many others ways to dress to impress while giving yourself enough room to happily stuff your face without giving a hoot if anyone sees your food baby (who are we kidding here, twins) by the end of the night. Put on a chunky sweater dress, paired with knee high boots and a large necklace; it’ll be comfy and perfect for the wintery weather. Or if you like to keep things cocktail classy, try a shift dress; with its loose fitting shape no one will notice your growing bump. Feeling a bit chilly? Well wear a pair of statement leggings and loose fitting top; leggings are elastic and will accomodate your changing figure. Your tummy will be the least of your worries with these three options, and instead you can stay focused on getting that last scoop of cranberry sauce. Happy Turkey Day! Eat up!


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