What to Wear to the Polls on Election Day

Flustered about which candidate to vote for? Even more flustered about what to wear? Well we will help you make an informed choice on what to wear with the help of our favorite prep stores – Rugby, J Crew and Zara – they’ve got you covered from head to toe in red and blue, nothing more and nothing less. Whether you swing to the right or swing to the left, or remain undecided, we’ve picked out some reds, blues and, reds and blues to help get you motivated to VOTE. Though the lines may be long, it only means more time to show off your election day outfit, and who knows what cuties will be filling out those ballots alongside you…dress to impress,¬†always.

So in an effort to pay tribute to Obama and Romney, who are never spotted in anything besides jackets, shirts, ties and slacks, we thought we’d do the same, but with skirts, dresses, trousers, shirts and jackets. Though all pieces have classic silhouettes and forms, some pieces are plain and simple, while others are more adventurous and daring, with elements like fringe, leather and studs. Rugby mainly features old school prep, J Crew covers everything cute and office professional and Zara is office professional with an edge, and darker color palette. Now that we’ve got your election day outfit covered and ready to go, it’s your responsibility to make an intellectually informed decision on who you’ll support at the polls while looking your very best – i call it the Presidential¬†look.

can’t get enough of lace tops JCREW

and it’s definitely already winter in the eastern states. keep warm while repping studded sleeves ZARA

it still feels like summer in some states JCREW

keeping it casual and preppy JCREW

these suede pumps with the chunky heel are a must-have this season. if the candidates have their own platforms, it’s time you get your own platform too ZARA

look polished in this double breasted gold button blazer JCREW

classic mini a-line skirt turns heads with its shiny tweed fabric JCREW

peplum top with a cutout back, scandalous! ZARA

roll out of bed. button up that shirtdress and you’re ready to go to the polls. effortlessly chic RUGBY

in need of some blue accessories? this little satchel is the perfect way to show your loyalties JCREW

these cropped straight leg patterned trouser are a must have. they’re sleek, chic and flattering ZARA

velvet blazer? love it RUGBY

it’s still hot in cali, so take off some layers and show your true colors JCREW

electric blue gives this classic silhouette a major facelift JCREW

cute little velvet flats. perfect for long lines ZARA

velvet and blue. it’s simple yet elegant ZARA


now…for those who play TEAM RED


keep it classy in a red fedora JCREW

still sunny where you are? break out the shorts JCREW

just big enough to fit the essentials – pens, id, phone. it’s small but it’s got a lot of attitude ZARA

classic red ankle corduroys RUGBY

get biker chic in this leather-wool coat combo ZARA

heat up the line in this little red dress with gold studs ZARA

back to school-days corduroy skirt RUGBY

tribute to all you southerners – cowboy fringe clutch ZARA

brighten up the floor in these winter must-have booties ZARA

classic red gingham JCREW

look sharp in a gold buttoned classic blazer JCREW

a peace-keeper at heart? accessorize with this red and blue scarf, and keep the peace JCREW

keep warm and cozy in this cable knit dress RUGBY

red mini flounce skirt ZARA

adding a little pattern to the mix ZARA

classic red leather bag JCREW

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