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Would you try these vintage beauty tips?

DIY Mascara

During the 1940’s mascara wasn’t yet common, but determined fashionistas still found a way to lash out.  They simply mixed up a little charcoal and petroleum jelly and carefully applied it to lashes with a small comb.  Eye do or eye don’t?

Cleansing cool down
1940’s starlet Joan Crawford was known to splash her face with icy cold water exactly 25 times after each and every wash.  The screen legend did indeed have some truly fabulous skin, but the jury is still out on the effectiveness of her frigid regime.

Oil Up
Iconic actress Marilyn Monroe regularly applied pure lanolin oil to her skin to keep it soft and supple.  Though this oil may be a bit heavy, and potentially pore-clogging, it apparently worked quite well for the enviably beautiful Ms. Monroe.

Get Corny
Back in the day women would often mix equal parts buttermilk and cornmeal to create a tasty face mask.  Surprisingly, this simple beauty tip isn’t so different from many used today.  Why not give it a try and see if it’s touted exfoliation benefits live up to claims.

Bust out the Barbasol
No joke, Elizabeth Taylor owes her stunning skin to face shaving (at least in part).  That’s right; Taylor knew the secret to super smooth skin and flawless make up was simply removing the peach fuzz.  Though this should only be done with a single-blade razor, working from the cheekbone down, it is once more becoming popular in upscale salons and spas.

Would you try these vintage beauty tips?

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